Other Teachers

By Alison Medley

By Ann Stout

Esoteric Shingon Buddhism – 09/25/2023

By Wade Maggert

Pride, in the Name of Love and Belonging – 06/26/2023

By Rafi Rahman

Zeroing in on Emptiness: Understanding Emptiness Through the Lens of Number Zero – 04/22/2024
Biocentrism – A Bridge Between Science and Ancient Spiritual Teachings – 11/21/2022

By Miriam Aponte


By Veronica Aristeguy

What’s Getting in they Way? – 6/19/2017

By Gabriel Clark

Samvega – 10/18/2021
Drugs, Drag, and the Dharma – 2/20/2017

By Amira Gongora

Dharma Teachings in our ‘Mother’s Tongue’, the Romantic Language called Spanish – 6/26/2017

By Travis Hicks

Therigatha Poems – 04/29/2024
Therigatha Poems
Expansion and Contraction – 07/24/2023
Five Hindrances – 03/19/2018
History of the Suttas-12/17/2017
Mindfulness of the Body: The Four Elements-06/12/2017
Metta-Loving-Kindness or Loving-Friendliness-03/30/2017

By Marilyn Jones

Dharma 101

By Pamela Lewis

“Compassion and Emptiness” Talk/“Just Like Me” Guided Meditation -04/03/2023
The Warm, Hard Facts About Gratitude – 11/13/2017
Savoring and Mindfulness
Mystical Experience
Ten Percent Happier
Compassion: Its Cultivation, Practice and Benefits

By Marvin Lummis

Sand Through the Fingertips: The Dharma Seal of Impermanence – 2/13/2017
Where is the I?: The Second of the Dharma Seals: Nonself or Anatta – 7/17/2017
Dukkha, All Things Suffering – 10/23/2017

By Cindy Merrill

Insight into Physician Assisted Dying – 4/17/2017

By Stanley Merrill

IMHTalk on Meditation – 04/26/2021
Notes from Howie Cohn Retreat 2019 – 5/1/2019
Notes from Search Inside Yourself – 12/10/2018
Overview of “Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program” by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach – 9/24/2018
Limiting Beliefs – 7/31/2017
American Mindfulness Approaches
Experiencing Our Own Noble Truths
Quotes, Parables, Poems
Howie Cohn’s Question

By Lisa Murphy

Awareness of Breath and Body Sensations: Notes from Week One of the Power of Awareness: A 7-week Online Mindfulness Training to Cultivate Clarity, Compassion, & Well-being with jack Kornfield & Tara Brach – 8/13/2018
Spiritual Friends: Awaken Together – 2/12/2018

By Thuyet Nguyen

My Mother’s Life: A Story of Love & Hope – 11/19/2018
Introduction: The Eight Realizations
The First Realization
The Second Realization
The Sixth Realization
The Third and Seventh Realizations
The Third and Seventh Realizations: Part II – Voluntary Simplicity
The Eight Realizations: A Summary
Forgiveness Makes Life Whole

By Mark Ryan

Spirituality in a Scientific Age 06/10/24
Near Death Experiences 04/08/24
Spiritual Surrender 03/18/24
Joseph Campbell on Buddhism 07/25/22
A Glimpse at Mysticism
Holotropic Breathwork and Vipassana Meditation
Hosting His Holiness
Zorba the Monk

By Satya Shepherd

Cultivating True and Lasting Happiness
Equanimity in the Face of Our Own Reactivity

By Janet Vucinich

Practice and Work

By Eva Zsigmond

The Timeless Present Moment
Mind and Mindfulness