Sangha Share Guidelines

  1. Anything you share can be of help to someone else. You never know what someone will get value out of.
  2. Keep a thread of dharma in the talk. That can be a focus on being embodied, being in the present moment, working with the mind, being in solitude, working with the heart or numerous other aspects of our practice. If you have any doubts, ask Ginger or Travis. You are free to incorporate other Buddhist or spiritual traditions into these topics.
  3. Err on the side of being too short instead of too long. People enjoy having time for questions and discussion.


Typically we have the same format each week:

Qi Gong (12 minutes)

Announcements (5 minutes)

Meditation (30 minutes)

Sangha Share/Dharma Talk (25 minutes)

Discussion/Q&A (5-15 minutes)

Ginger or Travis will lead the Qi Gong, Meditation, and help moderate the discussion if desired. We will assume that we will do this unless asked otherwise. If you would like to take over any of these parts you are more than welcome. Examples would include doing a special type of meditation during our meditation period. Doing a special movement practice instead of Qi Gong. Breaking into small groups for our discussion, etc. At a minimum, you are only asked to do the Sangha Share portion of the schedule.

Talk Length: when you produce your outline, if you plan on reading the talk, I usually aim for 6 pages at 18 point font with 1.15 line spacing. 5 pages is on the shorter end for more discussion, 7 pages is too long. 18 point font is often large enough to read. I would recommend writing as if you were speaking casually and not writing an essay.