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The Two Wings of Practice:
Wisdom and Compassion

Insight Meditation Virtual Retreat
Led by Ginger Clarkson and Travis Hicks

Friday, January 22nd, to Sunday, January 24th 2021 
Cost: $60
Sponsored by Insight Meditation Houston

The Two Wings of Practice: Wisdom and Compassion
Description: In these times of polarization and divisiveness, many of us have experienced periods of bodily tension, mental anxiety, and heartache. The two wings of practice remind us to reconnect with our innate Buddha nature. On retreat, we sense the wisdom of the body, breathing, settling and grounding. As we practice witnessing thoughts and emotions arising and passing away without reactivity, the mind renews its capacity for wise insight and clear perception. A calmer body and a clearer mind support the heart opening with natural compassion. Returning home to what is wise and compassionate within us benefits us and all whose paths we touch.

The retreat is suitable for new and experienced meditators. This retreat will start 6:30 pm on Friday, January 22nd, and end by 3:00 pm on Sunday, January 24th. The schedule includes periods of silent sitting and walking, guided Brahma Vihara heart practices, dharma talks about each part of the theme, and smaller group discussions led by each teacher. See schedule below.

Ginger Clarkson is a Community Dharma Leader, certified by Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California. She is the author of A Silent Cure: Transforming Preverbal Trauma Through Meditation and Poems From the Heart of Silence, a compilation of poetry inspired by month-long silent meditation retreats. Ginger is a Music Therapist and has recently completed Buddhist Chaplaincy Training. She has led Insight Meditation Houston since 2012.

Travis Hicks
will soon complete training to be a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, certified by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkley. Travis is an architect and former Board Chair of IMH. He has given talks at Insight Meditation Houston since 2017.

The cost of the retreat is $60 per household by PayPal or by check  but does not include Dana for the teacher.

Registration will end on Jan 20th.   Scholarship forms will be accepted until Jan 12th.

Before registering, please read the following documents for details on this retreat.

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Registration Form
Scholarship Form

You may pay by PayPal for the retreat and dana through this link Click HereTo pay by check please see retreat documents linked above.

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General Retreat Information

Insight Meditation Houston hosts retreats at the Margaret Austin Center near Chappell Hill, Texas and at the Villa De Matel Convent in Houston.

Based in Buddhist philosophy, these retreats are non-sectarian and offer teachings that complement and have the potential to deepen any established spiritual or religious practice. They are held in silence, with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. Each day begins with simple yoga or qi gong and includes instruction in meditation, a dharma talk on Buddhist philosophy and ideals, and a period of rest. Retreats at MAC also include a work period such as vegetable chopping or floor sweeping. The instructor will usually offer group or individual interviews during the course of the retreat.

Retreat History 


  • January 21st Virtual Zoom Meeting – Ginger Clarkson and Travis Hicks


  • January 31 Led by Ginger Clarkson – Villa de Matel
  • April 25th Led by Howie Cohn – Zoom
  • September 25th by Lila Kate Wheeler and Katy Wiss


  • January 24  Led by Ginger Clarkson – Villa de Matel
  • April 25  Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • September 26-29 Led by Lila Kate Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • January 27  Led by Ginger Clarkson – West U Senior Center
  • April 26th – 29th Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • Sept 27 – 30th Led by Lila Kate Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • January 27 – 29th, Led by Howie Cohn – Cenacle
  • April 27 – 30 th Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • May 20, Led by Ginger Clarkson – Ruah Center at Villa de Matel
  • Sept 28 – Oct 1st Led by Lila Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • January 30th – “Opening the heart” led by Ginger Clarkson
  • April 21 – 24th, 2016 Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • Sept 29 – Oct 2nd 2016 Led by Lila Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • April 23 – 26th with Howard Cohn (sponsored by Insight Meditation Houston)
  • September 18 – 20th with Howard Cohn – in Houston
  • October 1 to October 4 – Residential Retreat with Lila Kate Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center